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1. 虚偽の情報でつくられた記事は掲載できないため、事実確認をお願いします。
2. オリジナル記事のみ募集しております。
3. 他の情報源を参考した場合、出典を明記してください。
4. 他メディアとの二重投稿を禁じます


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We always welcome original ideas/papers/news as a blockchain business community. Submit your draft to us and we will review the paper. If your works are approved by our editorial team, we will award your efforts contributed specifically to us accordingly. Please find the below information for more details.

Contents: Latest trends or research in the blockchain industry
Number of characters: 1000 to 2000 characters
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BTC or ETH equivalent of 10,000 yen.


1. False information is strictly prohibited, please confirm your facts and provide your sources.
2. We are only looking for original articles that you have not posted elsewhere.
3. When referring to other sources of information, please specify the source.
4. Duplicate posting with other media is forbidden.